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My father died of a heart attack. He was in his thirties. He sold bus tickets. They took the corpse to our house. They said he had fallen over at work. He was dead. We moved in with our uncle. He had a job at a leather factory. One day, there was an explosion of the water heater and my uncle got burned so seriously that he died. My aunt couldn’t cope and committed suicide. Her daughters still believe she died because of some sickness. Suddenly my mother was responsible for four children. Others told her to send the children to work but she insisted that we finish school.

  • my nieces

    my nieces

  • making music together

    making music together

While my mother was struggling to survive, none of our neighbours would help. When Jayapaul heard of our plight, we were given support by Shalom and I was admitted to Shalom-Home. We did our homework, tidied up, washed our laundry and played a lot. I became a diligent pupil. For two years I took part in the morning and evening prayers. The worship helped me to learn about God and sometimes we had visitors. I liked to listen to them. And then I wanted to become a Christian, too. I got baptized and my new name is Paul. Today I am one of the Life-Trainees at Yelegiri Camp. Here I look after children whose living conditions are desperate.

Sometime in the future, I would like to start an engineering business. As soon as I am settled, I want to support Shalom. I want to marry and make my wife happy. And I want to be a father and look after young people.

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