Start with the little ones
to achieve great things.

Jayapaul was fascinated by the strategy of the “Kindernothilfe”, which was simple and effective at the same time: it connected people from the northern and the southern hemisphere by a sponsorship and provided a better future for children in India. As he himself had profited from it, it seemed natural to him to extend it to others. 1991 he and his friends founded “Shalom Foundation” to help needy Indian children experience a caring and loving home. Moreover, he shared with them the story of Jesus of Nazareth, which is both blessing and good news.

Shalom Foundation is built on three core values. They shape the style of communication and relationships to both children and staff:

  • Core value 1

    Core value 1

    Trust God and believe He can do great things, this is the foundation of Shalom.

  • Core value 2

    Core value 2

    With full commitment and unwavering dedication much can be achieved for the children of India.

  • Core value 3

    Core value 3

    Love without limits: Regardless of background, caste, colour, sex or religion, Shalom helps people in need.

Today, the Shalom Foundation supports over 800 children in different institutions, with special programs and grants throughout the south of India. These children receive a precious foundation for a better future: a solid education.