Yelegiri Camp Centre:

Imparting values, supporting training.

Yelegiri Camp CentreWhile Shalom Home focuses on school children, Yelegiri Camp Centre is designated to support teenagers that have finished school . The Camp is located in the Yelegiri Hills, a poor region 240 kilometers at the west of Chennai. There, ten young people between 15 and 16 receive a thorough training before they leave for University or technical training Institutes to study, sponsored by Shalom Foundation.

At the Camp they take an active part in the daily work and carry responsibility for the farm. They keep the place clean, grow vegetables and look after the sheep and the goats. These young people learn to organize themselves and to put into practice the values they have been taught. Often former Shalom-children look after them and give them helpful advice for their journey. Furthermore, external tutors (lecturers) do their best to prepare them not only for university but for life.

This time in the Hills of Yelegiri is a very special part of their lives and often, the participants would meet years later and share cherished memories.