Discover life far from the daily routine.

Whatever you can enjoy everyday, that is your richness. (Indian saying)

“Whatever you can enjoy everyday, that is your richness.” (Indian saying)

At the Yelegiri Camp Centre the participants learn a lot about life. Moreover, they have an interesting job: they organize a holiday for the Nightschool children and in this way they pass on some of the blessing they have received. For the Nightschoolers who often live in poor circumstan ces and carry a lot of burdens even at young age this trip to the hills is a unique event and a striking contrast to their everyday life.

The holidays are packed with dancing, playing, singing, laughing, eating together, sitting around the campfire, etc. These activities plus the fellowship and the prayers open up a new world for them and help them to discover God. Due to the work of Shalom and the commitment of Life-Trainees these children experience happy moments and precious holidays that they will never forget.