When I think of God, I feel gratitude.

Without Shalom’s help, I wouldn’t be what I am today. Everything I have achieved seems like a miracle to me. But the most important thing I have learned is to trust in God on the journey and to love all men.

  • with my best friend Kamal

    with my best friend Kamal

  • with two classmates

    with two classmates

Jayapaul treats everybody with a lot of respect. His life is always meaningful. He never treats me harshly but with generosity. I like him very much. He is an active person. He will not accept bad living conditions but rather gets active to improve them. His way of talking to people is very personal, that’s how he reaches the hearts of everybody. I want to be like him.

The greatest challenge in India is that love has become very small. Western influence makes us more and more selfish. Nowadays some folks don’t even know their neighbours. It wasn’t like that a few years ago. They don’t care who lives next door or how their neighbours are doing. Cost of living is rising which is severe because poor people always suffer the most.

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